Friday, August 30, 2013

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...Pies

Pies: How cute are these itsy, bitsy, little pies? These are easy to make and I love any opportunity to whip out the icing bag. I made these to take to a Memorial Day party and I def didn't have any left overs. Red, white and blue fit the theme perfectly plus you can make these ahead of time and store in the fridge. Find the full recipe here.

Corn Dogs: Four ingredients and dinner is done? Count me in! Open a box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix and follow the directions for adding milk and eggs. Cooking temp and time are also on the box. Pour mixture in a muffin pan with liners and stick 1/3 of a hot dog down in the middle. I substituted hot dogs for turkey franks. Best served with ketchup or mustard. (My mom pointed out that they look like boobs, thanks mom!)

Strawberries: In our house, these strawberries are a Valentines Day tradition. They are much easier to make then they look, i promise! See my a 4th of July edition of chocolate covered strawberries here.

Step 1) Wash strawberries. They must be completely dry before they can be dipped
Step 2) In a microwave safe bowl add 1 cup of while chocolate chips
Step 3) Pour 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil over the chips
Step 4) Microwave in 20 or 30 second intervals, stirring each time
Step 5) Stop heating when most, but not all, of the chips are melted. Stir until chocolate is smooth and chips are completely melted. BE CAREFUL not to overcook.
Step 6) Hold a strawberry by the green stem and dip in chocolate, let extra chocolate run off
Step 7) Hold the strawberry until no chocolate runs off
Step 8) Place on parchment paper or a waxed paper lined pan
Step 9) Once the strawberries have dried I melt white chocolate chips using the same technique and pour into a bottle. Squeeze the chocolate over the strawberries. This is optional but I think it makes the strawberries taste and look even more delicious.
Step 10) Cool in the fridge then enjoy!

Baked Potato Soup: I am a big fan of crock pot recipes. Mix a bunch of stuff in a bowl and leave it until its done? I'm sold. I couldn't wait until fall to try this out but now I cant wait until it cools down outside and we can enjoy a bowl by our fire pit. Find the full recipe here.

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