Friday, August 2, 2013


My last post was about pins I tried in the past. This post is about pins I did yesterday. Yes, all of these in one day. Call me a pin-a-oholic.

Dinner: I went shopping on my lunch break so I had limited time and storage space at the office. Quickly searching Pinterest in the grocery store parking lot, I found mini tacos! To me they are more like loaded nachos but whatever. Use scooped chips and fill with browned meat (I used turkey mixed with taco seasoning) and cheese. Bake at 325 until cheese is melted. Top with salsa or sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes. So good!

Dessert: D and I both LOVE strawberries! You can make these treats the hard way or the easy way. I picked the easy way because who am I, Betty Crocker?? I took ready made cheese cake filling and piped it into strawberries with an X cut into them. I also, cut the tops off so they would stand up on the plate. If your feeling like Martha Stewart you can make the filling from scratch.

I use vanilla extract in almost all of my baking. I normally buy it at the store but not for long! I made my own extract with vanilla beans and vodka. I purchased the beans here and they smell amazing! It needs to sit for awhile before I can use it. Ill post an update when it is done. Here is what it looks like now:


Derek bought me a dark brown vanity for Christmas and I love it. I bought a jar for under $5 at Walmart and put all of my pretty nail polishes in it for the top of my vanity. Guest appearance by my dog Princess.

Keep Pinning!

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