Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All Bad Things Must Come To An End...

D and I are huge Breaking Bad fans! BB is one of the few shows that both D and I like and can watch together. If you haven't watched it please jump on the bandwagon via Netflix ASAP. Sadly Breaking Bad aired its last episode on Sunday. I hopped on Pinterest to find some blue "meth" treats for a little watch party we had at our house.

The Drink: 

I mixed 1 part Blue Curacao, 1 part Squirt Soda and a splash of pineapple juice to taste. If I had time I was going to dye sugar blue for the rim but that didn't happen. My drink was delicious! ...until our dog Princess knocked it off the table with her tail. Oh our crazy beautiful life! 

The Cupcakes: 

These cupcakes are vanilla on the outside but oh so bad on the inside. HA!

Step 1) Start with vanilla cupcakes, either homemade or your favorite box mix. 
Step 2) When cupcakes have cooled cut a cone out of the top of the cupcake. Drop in crushed up blue jolly ranchers. 
Step 3) Pipe vanilla icing onto cupcakes with an icing bag. Use a homemade recipe or your favorite pre-made icing. 
Step 4) Drop Wilton Sugar Gems on top for the "blue meth" look. I saw that people were making their own sheets of rock candy to crush and drop on top. I'm not THAT creative. 
Step 5) Enjoy! 

WARNING: These are made to be enjoyed right away. If placed in the fridge the Jolly Ranchers will stick together and you will have one Jolly Rancher blob in the middle that isn't so jolly as some of my guests found out. An alternative would be to use Wilton Colorburst Batter Bits instead. 

As I try to figure out what I am going to do on Sunday nights with out Breaking Bad, keep pinning and...

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