Thursday, September 15, 2016

30 Before 30

I didn't realize I was entering my last year of my 20's until I walked into work and my co-worker yelled, "how old are you?" searching for the answer it suddenly hit me that I was 29. 2-9. Thoughts like what am I doing with my life started to fill my head. To help ease the pain and honestly get my 29-year-old butt off the couch, I created a 30 things to do before I'm 30 list. Ill update this post with my adventures as I cross them off the list. 

1. Donate Hair: I currently look like a Dugger daughter y'all 
Hair Chop Dec 7th 

2. Sky Dive: I'm ringing in my 30th year by jumping out of a perfectly good plane  

Skydiving with my sister on August 13th 

3. Be Published: Even if it is just in a well-known blog 
My name in print Summer Edition of Localeur Magazine 

Check me out on the Localeur website

4. Buy a Car and Finance it Myself: Hi working air conditioning 

Meet Blue Steel March 4th 

5. Climb Enchanted Rock: Ive always wanted to

Trip with my mom and sisters on May 25th 

6. Take a Cooking Class: How have I not done this yet?

Sur la Table Cookie Class on May 25th 

7. Host Thanksgiving Dinner: I hope you're hungry 

Thanksgiving Dinner with 2 Lackland Trainees on Nov 24th

8. Vote: Ive never voted. Please don't judge me. 

I did it! Early Voting Oct 26th 

9. Go to a College Football Game (Not UTSA): I love the roadrunners and all but lets mix it up a bit  

Texas Tech Game Sept 17th
10. Visit Magnolia Market: Getting waco in waco.  

Trip to Waco with my mom Nov 5th 

11. Girls trip to Fredericksburg: Wine! 

Shout Out to Scott Our Tour Guide Oct 23rd 

12. Do Something Kind for a Stranger: Pretty self explanatory  

If you play your violin in the Target parking lot you're
going to get a little something-something from me 

13. Be a Vegetarian for a Week: Because why not? 

Vegetarian Stir Fry 

14. Make Sushi: Cue Samantha from the Sex in the City movie minus the nakedness   

Toolbox Girls Sleepover Homemade Sushi on Dec 23rd  

15. Road Trip: Are we there yet?  

Road Trip to Lubbock, Texas Sept 17th 

16. Write Someone a Letter: Coming soon to a mailbox near you.  

Letter to Kylie Grace on June 15th

17. Volunteer for ACPBR: Who doesn't want to be around pit bulls! 

I am now an ACPBR Board Member. Photo taken Oct 1st

18. Deliver Food to the Homeless

Man Outside My Toolbox Window Oct 25

19. Walk More: Basically get off the couch more  

Afternoon Walk On The Riverwalk Sept 20th

20. Attend an Out of State Girls Trip: Flying the friendly skies 

Charleston, SC April 28th-30th 

21. Get a Tattoo: Can you hold my hand? 

Doomsday Tattoo: Feb 2nd 

22. Make a Candle: Im a girl, I like candles 

Warm Vanilla Sugar Cookie Candles on June 10th 

23. Shoot Something: Pew Pew Pew 

When in doubt, shoot it out Feb 11th 

24. Get a Blow Out: After I cut my hair  

Blown Beautiful on June 17th  

25. Create my own Signature Cocktail: *Shakes Cocktail Shaker* 

Summer Beer for everyone July 29th

26. Be a Tourist in my Own Town: Remember the Alamo 

Walk to San Fernando Cathedral on Sept 30th  

27. Buy Myself Flowers and Arrange Them: I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T 

Flowers on May 27th 

28. Do Something Out of my Comfort Zone: Visit a Haunted House

13th Floor Haunted House on Oct 6th 

29. Visit my state Capitol: Keep Austin Weird! Check 

My mom and I on Sept 10th

30. Volunteer More: Give back 

Pinups For Pitbulls Team July 15

Stay Tuned!