Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ice Ice Baby...

Vanilla Ice: I have mentioned before that I love iced coffee in the morning. I tried using coffee iced cubes so my coffee wouldn't get all watered down. I decided I wanted to step it up a bit and make vanilla ice. These cubes are only 3 ingredients and I was able to use left over beans from making homemade vanilla extract. See the full recipe here.

Meatless Egg rolls: Talk about a cheap dinner! In our last Bountiful Basket we got cabbage, carrots, celery and mushrooms. I don't cook with cabbage or mushrooms often so I didn't really know what to do with them until I came across a pin for meatless egg rolls! This recipe made a pan and a half of egg rolls that I ate on for days! The best part was I already had the produce, soy sauce and garlic so all I needed to buy was egg roll wrappers, ginger and water chestnuts. The recipe did not call for celery or water chestnuts but I like them so I tossed them in. Find out how to make them here.

Grandmothers Pin: When my grandmother passed away my mom gave me one of her pins. I don't wear pins but I thought this one was beautiful. I have kept it safe in my jewelry box until I found a way to display it. I bought a cheap frame from Target, cut up and old T-shirt, wrapped the fabric around the glass and stuck the pin to the fabric. The frame now sits on top of my jewelry box in our bedroom.

Cake Batter Cookies: Looking for quick, moist cookies? Look no further! Cake batter cookies were a big hit in my house last night. I whipped up these strawberry cookies combining the best of two different recipes I found. I plan on making chocolate cake batter cookies next.  

Strawberry Cake Batter Cookies: 
1 Box of Strawberry Cake Mix
2 Eggs (Even if the box says 3)
1/3 cup of vegetable oil
1/2 cup of coconut (optional)

Mix all in a large bowl. Spoon out one tablespoon for each cookie on a greased cookie sheet. Cook for 9 minutes at 350.

2 cups powered sugar
5 teaspoons of milk

Mix milk and sugar together in a small bowl. I used a squeeze bottle to apply to cookies. Can spoon icing into cookies instead.

Keep Pinning!

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