Friday, October 25, 2013

Im ready to Paaaartey!

Cue one of the funniest movies of all time...Bridesmaids. If you haven't seen it yet...go now!

Recently, I went to a baby shower, housewarming and a bird themed get together. Due to southern hospitality I know to never show up empty handed. Here is what I brought:

Read all about the baby shower here.

Housewarming: My friends Grant and Amanda recently bought a house and had a BBQ. I wasn't sure what they needed and I had never been to their house before so I opted for something general. I bought a glass measuring bowl, slapped on a bow and filled it with cupcake liners, sprinkles, measuring spoons, icing flavoring, and two spoon spatulas. Here is how it turned out:

Bird Themed Party: While exploring/spending all of my money at World Market one day I had the idea to not only wear something bird related but also bring something to the party. But what? Luckily, World Market was doing a big owl themed sale during this time so I figured, why not owl cupcakes?

You will need: 

  • Yellow Cake Mix:  If you're Betty Crocker you can make them from scratch but i am not
  • Chocolate Icing 
  • White Vanilla Icing 
  • Candy Corn 
  • Edible Eyes 
  • 2 Icing Piping Bags 


  • Bake cupcakes following directions on mix
  • When cooled, pipe an upside down "V" on the bottom of the cupcake. This will be used to separate the chocolate icing and the vanilla icing 
  • Pipe in the rest of the chocolate icing, I then smoothed the icing with a knife
  • Pipe the vanilla icing to fill in the upside down "V"
  • Cut the yellow section off of the candy corn, set aside 
  • Place the rest of the candy corn upside down in the middle to create the nose of the owl 
  • Cut the yellow section of the candy corn, you set aside, in half. Make feet from the two pieces at the bottom of the cupcake
  • Add two edible eyes to the chocolate section
  • Pipe chocolate ears at the top of the cupcake
  • Enjoy!      

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