Monday, April 14, 2014

My IOMA Skin Care Experience

Disclosure: I received dessert, champagne and product samples from IOMA Paris. No other compensation was received. All opinions are mine. 

From egg yolk facials to coconut oil hair masks, Pinterest is full of beauty regimens. However, nothing beats advice from a real beauty expert and a little pampering never hurt anyone either.

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Pam at Over 50, Feeling 40 to learn about a new skin care line called IOMA. IOMA is based in Paris and only available at six Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the the US. Lucky, one of these Saks stores is at North Star Mall, which has a hidden spa room. Who knew? More on that later. 

IOMA was created by Jean Michel Karam PhD, a micro mechanical engineer who developed micro electro mechanical sensors (MEMS). MEMS were used on the Curiosity robot used to explore and find moisture on Mars. What does the Curiosity robot and IOMA skin care have in common? Both share the cutting edge MEMS micro-technology.

Meet the Sphere. IOMA's complimentary skin care evaluation tool. 

IOMA Sphere: Skin care evaluation tool

The Sphere might look like something from outer space but in reality it is a high-end computer that scans your skin with multiple light sources and measures the condition of your skin.

Shout out to Tori at The sTORIbook for taking photos during my skin care evaluation 

Once your skin is evaluated, the Sphere prints out your personal skin care analysis. This analysis gives insight on your skins level of hydration, UV damage, redness, bacterial activity, fine lines and wrinkles. 

My personal skin care diagnostic summary sheet

IOMA believes each women is unique. Therefore each skin care analysis is personalized. Based on this analysis IOMA can recommend a skin care regimen from their number 1 to 7 face product lines. Each line focuses on a different skin care issue such as dryness, bacteria, redness, dark spots etc.

IOMA skin care face products

Kathy Moses, regional manager for IOMA Paris, explained my skin care regimen needed to include a lot of hydration. Not so Fun Fact: If you are a side sleeper like me, the side of your face you sleep on the most will be less moisturized than the other. Kathy gave me moisture cream samples from the IOMA number 1 and 2 beauty pro lines. Let me tell you my skin soaks up the moisturizer like it has never seen lotion before and leaves my skin soft, smooth and not oily. 

Just when I thought IOMA's skin care formulas couldn't get anymore personalized Kathy told us about Bespoke Youth Rituals. Bespoke is two formulas, a day and a night cream base that contains 18 active ingredients that have been carefully selected for their remarkable effectiveness. Based on the Sphere's recommendations IOMA's skin care professional will add 8 high performance serums to the bases to produce a personalized skin care formulation created right before your eyes.    

Kathy explaining the IOMA Bespoke Youth Ritual

Another great product we got to learn about was IOMA Youth Booster. Remember the MEMS technolgy I mentioned in earlier in the post? Youth Booster is the first skincare with embedded MEMS technology built right into the cap. The MEMS cap, unique to IOMA, allows you to measure the moisture level of your skin at home every day, up to 300 tests. Based on the needs of your skin indicated by the sensor, Youth Booster is applied day and/or night to moisturize skin, detox cells, regenerate and protect skin.  

IOMA's Youth Booster with MEMS Technology

IOMA also has a line of body products that purify your skin, cocoon yourself and slim your figure. WOW!

IOMA Body Products  

The average price point for IOMA's products is $165. IOMA Products range from $60 up to $500 and last about 4-5 months. Pam informed me that unlike some skin care lines, IOMA bottles are designed in airless bottles to get every last drop. No more taking the cap off and beating the bottle to get the rest of the product out.  

Once you are a IOMA skin care client you can return to the Sphere to get an updated skin evaluation and a complimentary spa facial in their spa room. That's right, there is a spa room hidden behind closed doors in Saks with all the luxuries of a a real spa, ah bliss.

While the other girls were getting their skin care evaluations Pam told me she had an IOMA party for her 60th birthday. Private parties at IOMA are just another perk of being a customer. You and your friends can receive complimentary skin evaluations and mini-facials while snacking, chatting and sipping champagne. How fun!    

Come see the IOMA difference for yourself! Appointments are recommended but not required, call Patty at 210-343-9337 or Kathy at 903-830-1231 to schedule your skin care evaluation or private party.

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  1. Thanks for coming Sarah and for the excellent post! I cannot say enough good things about these face tells it all!

    1. Thank you so much for the invite Pam! I had a great time and learned a lot about my skin.

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