Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vanilla Extract: Update 8 Months Later

Eight months ago I posted about making my own vanilla extract. Read that post here.

Result: I will never buy vanilla extract again!

With just two ingredients, vodka and vanilla beans, this extract is so easy to make. I dropped one more bean in at the 4 month mark but left everything else the same.


Vanilla Extract on August 2nd 


Vanilla Extract on April 2nd 

I will continue to add more vodka and vanilla as needed to keep a supply of extract in my kitchen. I haven't been able to taste a difference between my homemade version and the store bought stuff. I've found Amazon has the cheapest and best quality beans for purchase.

I encourage every one to make their own extracts!

Keep Pinning,

PS: I am by no means the best photographer but can you tell I have gotten so much better since August.


  1. Okay so taste wise it is amazing but what about price wise? How does making your own compare? It seems so expensive when I look at the price of vanilla beans and vodka.

  2. I was buying a 2 ounce bottle of vanilla for $4 before. I bought 5 vanilla beans for $6 off Amazon and Ive been using a bottle of vodka Ive had for a long time that I never planned on drinking. The 5 beans have made at least 4 ounces of vanilla. So for me this was a cost effective way to get rid of the vodka and try something new. If buying both the vodka and vanilla beans I can see how this would get pricey! However, if you buy mini vodka bottles this could be a cute housewarming or Christmas gift idea.