Monday, March 23, 2015

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Derek and I are hosting our first Easter in our home since we got married. I wanted a wreath to hang on the front door to welcome our guests but I couldn't find one I liked without a heavy price tag. With a Hobby Lobby gift card in hand a turned to Pinterest. This cute, easy to make, Easter wreath caught my eye. Bonus: Easter items are 40% off at Hobby Lobby right now.

You Will Need: 
2 bags of small Easter eggs ($.99 each) 
3 bags of regular size Easter eggs. ($1.99 each) Only 2 bags pictured. 
Hot Glue Gun with glue
Roll of Ribbon ($5.99) 

I started by laying the eggs out around the foam ring to come up with a simple pattern. Once I had a pattern in mind I glued the eggs down one row at a time. If you make a mistake don't panic! The eggs are pretty easy to pull off. Just be sure to peal off the old glue before adding more to replace the egg. 

I used the small eggs to fill in the "holes" in between the bigger eggs until the whole wreath was full with eggs. I then rapped a ribbon around the wreath and glued the ends to the back. I created a bow with the left over ribbon and glued it to the top. You could always buy a ribbon premade, Hobby Lobby has a good section of them.

I hope you enjoy making this wreath as much as I did! 

Keep Pinning! 

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