Sunday, October 16, 2016

13th Floor Haunted House

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to experience 13th Floor Haunted House, with three friends, at no cost. However, all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Who doesn't want to get out of their comfort zone on a Thursday night? Last week, I visited the Number One Hunted House in America and had a blast! 

Photo from

It definitely pays to go to a haunted house with people who are more scared than you are. That way you can just go along and enjoy the show. Plus if you tell them your friends name they will yell it the entire time, totally freaking your friend out even more. For example, in the hotel section we could hear "your room is ready Gina" as we walked down the halls.

L-R: Samantha, Gina, Me and Anthony 

Some areas of the house are scarier than others. For me, the side, big black tubes and completely dark rooms were the most terrifying. Tip: wear something cool and comfortable.     

The after photo! 

Get in the Halloween spirit and head on over to 13th Floor Haunted House San Antonio. Be sure to bring a friend to hold on to! General admission is $24.99 and well worth it for the 45-60mins of fear. 

Photo from 13th Floor Haunted House Facebook Page