Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ramen Expo 2017

On Monday, I hit the road and headed to Austin, TX for the Ramen Expo. I'm a big fan of a hot bowl of ramen on a cold day, well really any day to be honest.

The expo highlighted the latest equipment, ingredients and flavors. There was even a build-your-own ramen bar. 

I jumped from booth-to-booth tasting what they had to offer. The latest noodle trend is kale noodles! Unfortunately, the vendor didn't have any on hand to try but I'll be on the look out at ramen shops around town. 

Ramen wasn't the only item on the expo menu. There were also chicken, dumpling and beer booths to sample from. 

Leaving the expo I was full and even more of a ramen lover than I was before. If you are looking for a great ramen to try in San Antonio, stop by Sapporo on Hausman. They don't have a big ramen selection but their seafood ramen is amazing!